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Despite recent developments, the booming fields of global history and international history are still structured by binary lines such as success and failure, modernity and backwardness, and centre and periphery. Supposedly ‘failed’, ‘backward’, and ‘peripheral’ nation-states of the European South (Italy, Spain, and Portugal) continue to be measured against the supposedly ‘successful’, ‘modern’, and ‘central’…
Next week in Leeds there will be held the final workshop of our Marie Curie project. Do not miss it! Definitve program
Dr. Acciai will deliver the paper: The decision to become a Transnational War Volunteer within the Research Seminar: Into action: understanding the dynamics of resistance in times of war and repression (NIOD, 21-22 June). Program
Next Saturday dr. Acciai will speak about his MSCA research project within the public seminar promoted by Clionet in Forlì (Italy).
Dr Acciai will give a paper within the European Social History Conference 2018 in Belfast. The title of his paper is: Freedom to Amilcare Cipriani! An ‘Anarcho-republican’ Campaign in Liberal Italy 1881-1888.  
Prof. Ismee Tames will deliver a paper titled “Liminality, identity and resistance”, this is a joint seminar organised by the Centre for the History of Ibero-America (CHIA) and the Marie Curie research project “Garibaldinism”. Dr. Nir Arielli (School of History) will discuss Prof. Tames’ paper. Ismee Tames (1976) is Program Leader War & Society at NIOD,…
On January 26, Dr. Acciai will be at the Queen Mary University of London to give the talk “Antifascism and war volunteering: from the Spanish Civil War to the European Resistances” within the course “The Struggle for Italy:1915-1996” (delivered by Dr. Elena Bacchin)
What makes people fight and risk their lives for countries other than their own? Why did diverse individuals such as Lord Byron, George Orwell, Che Guevara, and Osama bin Laden all volunteer for ostensibly foreign causes? Join us for an evening with author and historian Nir Arielli as we tackle these questions and more! This…
Dr. Acciai will present a paper within the Nineteenth-Century research group at Lincoln University (UK), More info
Dr. Acciai will participate in the international conference: “Fascism and Antifascism in Our Time – Critical Investigations ” that will take place in Hamburg, 1 – 3 November 2017 Program